Radio Telemetry

We also do telemetry control projects using ElPro RTU's.
An example project is controlling an elevated storage tank level with pumps at a remote location, up to 15-miles away. We can start and stop the pumps based on water level in the tank, display the tank level at the pump station and indicate pumps status at the elevated tank.
Remote with I-Phone

We currently have an opening for a Texas state licensed journeyman electrician with leadership skills and experience on industrial projects. Please click here to send a resume'

Express Electric Company of Jewett, TX

Tyler MCC

We have been in business for 28-years and most of that experience has been in the water and wastewater industry. We are extremely familiar with the specialized controls of this industry. We have completed projects on water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, booster pump stations, elevated storage tanks and just about every aspect of the water and wastewater industry.

We have extensive experience with motor controls from fractional horse-power to 5000-HP. We have installed variable frequency drives including 5kv drives on 1200-HP pumps, 5000-Hp 5kv synchronous motor with reduced voltage start. We have extensive experience with variable speed drives of all sizes and all types of motor control.

We also have experience with PLC controls and SCADA systems. We have experience with most all brands of PLC's, and we have programming capabilities for Allen-Bradley, Control Micro Systems, and Modicon. We will use any PLC the customer prefers, however we prefer using Allen-Bradley.

We have the ability the technology and experience to convert your water booster pump station to PLC control, that does not use any electrodes or induction relays. This control system is also capable of controlling variable speed drives on your booster pumps to maintain a constant pressure system without use of an air-compressor or pressure tank.