Express Electric Company of Jewett, TX

Tyler MCC

SCADA System Integrator - New Control System for Robertson County Water Plant No.1

This control panel recently completed and shop tested will control Robertson County Water's Plant No.1 near Franklin, Texas. This controller performs all the typical pump starts and stops controlling pressure and tank levels without the use on electrodes or induction relays typically found in rural water systems.

The unique feature of this particular control package is it will control the plants power demand limit by not allowing any of the large pumps to run at the same time. The PLC will make decisions based on pressure and storage tank level critical setpoints input by the operation via the touch-screen display. This plant is equiped with a stand-by generator capable of operating the entire plant, so if both tank level and pressure reach the critical point the stand-by generator will start and run the plant until the pumps cycle off. This control system is predicted to save the customer approximately $400 per month on their utility bill.

References available upon request.